Website: "Observatorio Nacional de Buenas Prácticas e Innovación Educativa"

This site was requested by the Ministry of Education from Perú, to mainly work as a repository of the best educational good practices at school, made by teachers from all over the country. All good practices are classified by the educational levels: kinder, primary, secondary and basic alternative education.
Apart from that, visitors can sign up, check relevant news, stay up to date with and agenda of important events and be informed of all related stuff related to educational sector.   

It was interesting to design an organized site due to the documentation it contains but at the same time colorful enough to attract user’s attention to the different sections of the site.

Virtual Courses

Web interface redesign, visual style, and character design creation made for the virtual training courses of the “Directorate of Teacher Training in Service” from the Ministry of Education from Perú.

The goal was to give a fresh look to the current educational platform used by teachers, who enter and learn in order to improve their skills.
To do so, apart from the visual style needed, I also created some character illustrations, to accompany the visitor on the different programs they could take, so the learning process results in a more enjoyable experience.

Courses Style Guide

This document contains the main design guidelines for the courses interphase: the colors for the different programs, the typography and also the icons used in all the screens.