Coffee table book: "Al Nasr"

“Al Nasr – The Official History of Al Nasr Cultural and Sports Club”, tells the story of this renown Football club from Dubai. From it’s humble origins to the glory of its titles, obtained through the years, on different championships across the region.
Working on this book was an interesting experience where I had the opportunity to meet and interview some of the still alive player legends, from the club.
I was in charge of the layout graphic design and the later pre-press production process.
The book was made while I was working for the Al Bayan Newspaper (Dubai – UAE).

Coffee table book: "Calligraphy Exhibition"

Catalog made for an Arabic calligraphy exhibition on the occasion of the Dubai Art Season. It shows the artworks and artists from all over the region, from seasoned ones to new names, all of them sharing their love for this traditional art.
The book was made while working for the Al Bayan Newspaper from (Dubai – UAE).

Layout Design

These layout designs were made to describe the educational good practices made at school by teachers from all over the Peruvian country. Them all are linked to the “Observatorio Nacional de Buenas Prácticas e Innovación Educativa” website (displayed on the Web Design section) as part of the downloadable files contained in the “Buenas Practicas” (Good Practices) section.

To deliver a distinction in the layouts, I assigned a color to the different educational levels, being Kinder (pink/salmon), Primary (orange/), Secondary (green) and Basic Alternative Education (blue).

Brochure: "8vo Concurso Nacional de Buenas Prácticas Docentes"

Brochure made for the “8th Good Teaching Practices Contest”, organized by the Ministry of Education from Perú. This contest aims to recognice all good practices that were succesfully implemented by teachers in schools, all over the peruvian country, on kinder, primary, secondary and basic alternative educational levels. 


A variety of logos made for different clients (including my personal logo brand).

Graphic Pieces

Randomly selected material.

Book box design

These boxes were made for different book titles, taking a lot of care on the measurements so they could properly fit in a “coffee table” book size format. It’s interesting to notice the Arabic reading orientation from right to left on the proposals.
All of them were made while working for the Al Bayan Newspaper from (Dubai – UAE).