“Chug and Thug: The Alug Bugs”

These illustrations were made for the children book: “Chug and Thug: The Alug Bugs”, by author Gemal Seede. It’s a tale about two little bug brothers, who learn a valuable lesson. I enjoyed a lot this project because it lets me explore the tiny world of the insects, while I was making my research on which kind of characters and environment I will choose for the illustrations. Happily, in the end, the result pleased the author and of course myself.
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“Chug and Thug Ride Trike”

Illustrations made for the sequel for Chug and Thug’s sequel book: “Chug and ThugRide Trike”.
“When two adorable brother bugs, Chug and Thug, get a chance to ride their tricycle to school and avoid being late for class, their mother implores them to be wise. But the conflicting advice they receive on their way leaves them in a bind. In the end, the bugs learn that listening to the advice of trusted friends is good, but they still must decide what they think is the right thing to do. Based on a 13th-century Arab fable by Ibn Said al Maghribi.”
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