Vinyl Toy Customization


There is no need to mention who inspires me to make this character. Talking about Bruce Lee is to talk about a human being I really admire since childhood, both for his martial arts as well as his philosophy. Doing this customization was a kind of tribute for me to him. For the pose, I wanted a very distinctive one, the one he made after finishing his routine with his most amazing weapon: “the nunchaku”. The hand is lifted, his weapon is under the armpit and the face shows that great concentration face he always made before the battle. I used clay to mold the arm, the hair, and the shoes. For the nunchaku, I tried some wood sticks and a little metal chain. The painting was made with acrylic. Finally, the details on the face and the whole body was made with a black marker.


I came up with the idea of ESPANTIN, after thinking about a character that could be friendly but scary at the same time. That’s why I chose to go for a scarecrow, something that in my opinion gathers both ideas. I mixed the earthy scarecrow colors with some more lively ones, like for example the red color for the jacket and the eyes. I also wanted the hat to be alive, that’s why I require the “help” of two small crows on top of it. For the hut, the jacket and the small crows, I prepared my own Paper Mache, while acrylics were used for the painting. As a final touch, I decided to add a scarf and a belt, so I used an easy to mold textured wire for both pieces. The result wasn’t scary at all, but friendly and cute instead. I was very pleased with the result.